13 Apr 2011

how to list gogel adsen 100% in the aprove

To register a google adsense account (call it GA) through to 100% in aprove then we use a third party that is indyarocks.com, then we must first join this website. But of course with the emails that have not been banned by the GA. So it's best advised to create a new email at gmail.com before the join with Indyarocks. There are some preparations you should have before registering keindyarocks.com. Is as follows:* This article illustrated in english at least 2 articles. Remember the picture must relate to your article. And also have articles that original / genuine. But if you can not make the english language articles, tips of which also have I use is just look at the article directories. hehehe* Prepare a minimum of 10 pictures to be uploaded later.

If all the above preparations are complete, proceed to the next step:1. Create a new account and complete Indyarocks.com pendaftaranya.2. Check your email inbox which contains a confirmation link to activate your account3. Once your account is confirmed and active then you can login now.4. Fill out your profile with a way to edit profile and fill out a profile picture until formnya including the indication to reach 60% more.Important!5. Upload photos that have been prepared in advance and make albums. Important!6. Create a blog at Indyarocks Blogs by clicking the tab -> Write Blogs and then fill in with articles that have been prepared earlier.Important!7. Click the Profile tab -> My profile pic and just below the photo you click on Earnings (Google AdSense).Step 1 -6 should have you do before going on because otherwise when you click the Check Eligibility then you will get a message like this "Oops. You are not eligible. " But do not worry. Just follow the instructions and requirements requested in the message. If it is complete, let's proceed to the next step.

How to Create Google Adsense Account Through Indyarocks.com1. Back to the Profile tab -> My profile pic and just below the photo you click on Earnings (Google AdSense)2. Click the Start Earning Last Next3. On "Do you already have a google adsense account?" Click No.4. Enter an email address that has not been banned and click Next5. Check your email inbox and open and click email containing a link to the charging data GA6. Fill in your data correctly and do not forget to tick the Yes, allow indyarocks.com to acces my account and then click Submit Information7. After that will be brought to the confirmation page of data and creation of truth through Indyarocks.com GA account, click Create Account.8. Check I Accept and click submit.After all the above steps you have done so now just waiting for the GA team to review the request and then mengapprove account but would be much better if she waited, you add the articles and photos to your account indyarocks, well to keep - keep the hell. My experience when you apply through Indyarocks only takes one day my account was diapprove.Hopefully, with tips on How to Easily Approve Google Adsense Through Indyarocks.comini can help you to get an account in GA.Do not forget to visit the owner of the tips here.

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